The Pearl of the West / La Perla de Occidente

This year I visited the city of Guadalajara, "The Pearl of the West". State capital of Jalisco and one of the largest cities of Mexico.

I had been to this city several times in the past and to tell you the truth, when my cousin invited me to visit Guadalajara I did not get too excited. I remembered this place as a huge and busy city, which is not exciting to me because I like rustic and quiet places, but still agreed to go and to be honest, I have no regrets.

The most exciting thing for me about this place is its people. Although Guadalajara is a grand and vibrant city, the atmosphere has a small-town feel. Its inhabitants are extremely friendly and simple people. Walking through the streets, people greet you even if they don't know you. And if they know you, they invite you to their homes without any qualms.

It's a beautiful city with great colonial architecture that is evident everywhere. The city is considered the cultural center of Mexico. Guadalajara hosts a number of cultural and sporting events which draw international crowds such as the annual Guadalajara International Book Fair and the 2011 Pan American Games. 

Guadalajara is also the birthplace of Mariachi music, tortas ahogadas (follow the link for Pily's recipe in Mely's blog), carnes en su jugo (follow the link for Leslie's version) and the world famous San Juan de Dios Market, where you can find everything. 

Guadalajara, a beautiful city that I will certainly visit again.